Tasty Spanish Tapas

Tapas to Share

If you would like to try many different dishes from our menu we recommend sharing some tapas. It is a great, social way to taste the flavours of our restaurant. Eating tapas in Spain means sharing food with others while enjoying a nice glass of wine or a refreshing homemade sangría.

There are many ways of enjoying some tapas with friends and family. It always depends on the amount of people at the party. At Taberna la caña we usually recommend 5 o 6 dishes to share between 2 people. Another option is to share 3 dishes from the tapas section to start with and share 1 of our delicious main courses between the guests. If you still have some space left try some of our amazing homemade desserts.

Tasty Spanish Tapas

What are Tapas?

There is no one way to think about what tapas is. Depending on the region of Spain that you are in the size of the portion varies. It also depends on the type of restaurant and the food being served. Usually when Spanish people go to eat tapas it could refer to eating in just one restaurant or in many different ones.

If we eat in just one restaurant we would order many different dishes and share them all. On the other hand we could do a sort of a «bar crawl» where we would go to one bar order a dish to share and and then go to the next place and keep to on going to as many place as we wish. This one of the reasons we love Spain so much. We have the freedom to discover places and socialise with everyone around us.

Where does the word TAPAS come from?

There are many different theories from where the word tapas came from. The direct translation from the word tapa in Spanish is «cover».  Therefore, one theory suggests that when the guests asked for a drink at the bar they wanted to stop flies them from going into the drinks so they put a «tapa», a «cover» on the drink. Basically using anything to stop anything from going into the drinks. Soon after it, bars and restaurants where putting a piece of bread on the drink so guest could also enjoy a small bite with the drink.

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